The Truth about Senate Bill 106

The Constitutional Amendment Resolution - Don’t believe what others say, read for yourself. 

Source: Bucks County Courier Times

The bill introduced in the Senate and approved by both houses of the PA General Assembly has been wildly misconstrued by Todd's opponent.  If one takes time to read the language of the resolution it does not restrict access to abortion.  It only asks whether the question of the availability of abortion services in Pennsylvania should be put before the voters in the form of a constitutional amendment.  

Along with putting this question to the voters, the resolution also asks that voters be allowed to decide these other key Pennsylvania issues:

  • Whether Voters should need to display valid ID in order to vote and/or submit an mail ballot.

  • Whether the Auditor General of the state should have the right to audit election results.

  • Whether those running for Governor should be able to choose their own Lt. Governor and run as a “ticket” rather than separately as is currently done.

Asking voters directly how they feel about key issues is important to Representative Polinchock, and that is why he chose to approve the measure.  As he has said “I am only one voter in this district, my vote on these important issues should only count as much as everyone else”. 

Representative Polinchock has stated, as you can see in the above Q&A with the Bucks County Courier Times, that he has no intention of supporting legislation that denies abortion to those who have been victims of rape or incest, or in those situations in which the life of the mother is in question.  Don’t believe everything you read from Todd’s opponent.  Additionally, Representative Polinchock has never supported arresting/jailing health care providers who did not break an existing law.

But Todd also wants voters to have the final say on election security.  Todd has said, and continues to say, that the 2020 election was decided fairly.  He has continued to say that he supports voting access legislation “that makes it easier for voters to vote and harder for cheaters to cheat”.  That’s all.