The Issues in this Election

What are the key issues in this election? 

In every election there are key issues at the federal, state and local level - some of which can only be addressed by the people running for that office.   In Todd's case, the issues are Pennsylvania issues and not those happening in Washington D.C.

Here at home, the most important things Todd is fighting for are

  • Growing a Healthy Economy
  • Fostering Safe and Successful Schools
  • Ensuring the Availability of Clean Water
  • Providing Property Tax Relief
  • Ensuring Affordable Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
  • Enforcing Laws and Defunding Sanctuary Cities

Growing a Healthy Economy

A small business-owner, Todd Polinchock will fight to make sure Harrisburg politicians never get in the way of our economic growth.
Todd wants to see government work efficiently and effectively. To keep our economy growing, Todd supports:

  • No Tax Hikes: No broad-based tax hikes, period.
  • Cut Regulations: Require legislative approval on any regulations that cost the economy more than $1,000,000.
  • Justify Spending: Implement Performance Based Budgeting, requiring state bureaucrats to justify every dollar spent.
  • Reforming Pensions: Mandate the Independent Fiscal Office to conduct an annual, independent “Stress Test” on public pensions.
  • Increase Home Values: Reducing taxes and transaction fees on home sales to increase home values, owner equity and break down the barrier to the dream of home ownership for first time home buyers.

“From the corner deli to corporate board room, our economy works best when you are in charge.” –Todd Polinchock

Fostering Safe and Successful Schools

Todd knows that every child is different.  One-size-fits-all educational policies only hold our children back from the success we know they can achieve in a safe setting.
Married to an educator, Todd will remain focused on our children’s success.  To put our children first, Todd supports:

  • Less standardized testing, more real learning.
  • Expand training for School Resource Officers.
  • Double school safety funding from $60M to $120M.
  • Better involve the business community to show students the rewarding, family-sustaining career options available to them.
  • Ensure our schools are fully funded.

“Todd is a compassionate leader who will fight for our kids.  As a School Administrator, I have no doubt Todd will be a passionate voice for education and school safety funding.” –Jen Polinchock, wife of Todd Polinchock

Ensuring the Availability of Clean Water

Todd will use every resource of the Commonwealth to hold the Federal Government accountable for water pollution and ensure its remediation so our neighbors have access to safe drinking water.

Providing Property Tax Relief

Todd supports freezing or eliminating property taxes for many seniors. As a Realtor® himself, Todd has seen property taxes force far too many seniors from their homes. Enough is enough.

Ensuring Affordable Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Todd will be working to make healthcare more affordable as well as with the pharmaceutical industry to greatly reduce drug costs through eliminating unnecessary "middleman" mark-ups. 

Enforcing Laws and Defunding Sanctuary Cities

Todd believes in the rule of law and that sanctuary cities put Pennsylvania families at risk. As a State Legislator, Todd would support defunding any local government that illegally harbors undocumented individuals with a criminal record.